Patchouli Essential Oil from Indonesia / 15mL

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Patchouli Essential Oil from Indonesia / 15mL

  • Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
  • Plant Part: Leaves
  • Strength of Aroma: Medium
  • Aromatic Scent: Rich, earthy, woody, wine like scent
  • Patchouli Oil Blends Well With: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Copaiba Balsam, Cypress, Geranium, Lavender, Myrrh, Neroli, Sweet Orange, Palmarosa, Sandalwood and Vetiver.


Patchouli for Aromatherapy Diffuser and Skincare

Patchouli Essential Oil comes from the steam distilled leaves of the Patchouli plant. Patchouli’s deep, warming and alluring aroma has been known to soothe tension. Patchouli can used as a natural remedy to balance the skin, help improve skin’s appearance and scalp. Patchouli oil has a complex and unique fragrance that can help one connect with their sensual nature, alleviate tension and moisturize dry skin. Patchouli Essential oil is extracted through the steam distillation of the patchouli plant leaves botanically known as Pogostemon cablin. Patchouli plant belongs to a family of plants like Lavender and Clary Sage. Patchouli Essential Oil l has light to amber brown color with medium to thick consistency. Patchouli Oil is characterized by a unique scent that is musky sweet, spicy, earthy and woodsy with a balsamic hint. Patchouli Essential Oil blends well with Lavender Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Rose Oil, Frankincense Oil, Myrrh Oil and Sandalwood Oil.

  • Aromatherapy: Patchouli Essential Oil is used in aromatherapy to lift moods and enhance feelings of relaxation. Add 5 drops of Patchouli Oil and 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to an Essential Oil Diffuser and enjoy for up to 1 hour. You can also diffuse a few drops of Patchouli Essential Oil to your environment to eliminate unpleasant odors and create a serene environment. Patchouli Oil has a pleasant fragrance that makes it to be used widely in making perfumes, body lotions, roll-ons, home fresheners and shower gels. Patchouli Oil is also used in making detergents and cleaning solutions because of the sweet scent.
  • Sinkcare: Patchouli Oil is known to improve the appearance of blemishes,wrinkles by slowing down the aging process by tightening and toning the skin. You can also add a few drops of Patchouli Oil to your everyday lotion or moisturizer to enjoy an added sweet scent and stay extra moisturized all day. Patchouli essential oil also helps reduce the appearance of scars and relieve skin conditions like dry skin by keeping the skin hydrated all day. For a good night sleep, try diffusing patchouli oil in your bedroom or sprinkle a few drops of the oil on your pillowcase.
  • Sleep Better Patchouli Oil improves sleep quality by relaxing the mind and reducing any anxious feelings hence promoting fast onset deep sleep. To keep your linen smelling fresh and clean add a few drops of Patchouli Essential Oil to a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and mix with 450ml of water. Use a spray bottle and spritz a few times a day in your closet. Preferably, dip a cotton pad in the Frankincense Patchouli Essential Oil blend and put it at the farthest corner of your closet.
  • Repel Bugs: Patchouli Oil is also used as insecticide to kill different types of insects including: mosquitoes, houseflies and urban aunts. Apply topically in the house or spray in different areas in the house. Diffusing the Essential Oil helps get rid of flies and mosquitoes.
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patchouli oil
Patchouli Essential Oil from Indonesia / 15mL

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