Lime Essential Oil from Brazil / 15ml

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Lime Essential Oil from Brazil / 15ml


Lime Essential Oil has a sweet, sparkling aroma and has a multitude of aromatherapy benefits including uplifting your mood and improving emotional well-being. Lime Essential Oil is detoxifying, brightening, cleansing and clarifying. Lime Essential Oil is cold pressed from the peel of the Lime  fruit. Its fresh and fruity aroma offers an experience of high energy and lightness that uplifts moods and inspires action and movement.

Lime Essential Oil is extracted from citrus fruits that produce lime fruits. The Citrus aurantifolia species is the key lime whose lime fruit peels are cold pressed to give Lime oil. Lime essential oil has a sharp, tart, citrus peel like smell, with some lemon characteristics.

  • Aromatherapy – Lime’s sweet and tart scent with a citrus finish, is great in giving a whole a fresh and clean aroma. Blend the Lime Oil with Grapefruit Oil and Lemon Oil in a diffuser or in a spray bottle and spray around your house. Lime Oil is known to boost mood and improve feelings of fatigue when used in aromatherapy. Add a few drops of Lime Essential Oil to your electric diffuser and enjoy a relaxed session after a long day or when you just need to chill. Add a few drops of Lime Oil in your bubble bath soak.
  • General Cleaning – Lime is a great natural cleanser. Lime comes in handy when cleaning sticky messes, hands or countertops. Lime Oil is also a great natural cleaner and disinfectant. Add a few drops of Lime Essential Oil to your cleaning water and mop around your house. Lime Oil also comes in handy in sterilizing the kitchen. Lime Oil can also be added to your dishwashing soap to give your dishes that extra cleanse and sweet scent.
  • Skincare – Add a few drops of Lime Oil to your shampoo and conditioner to help cleanse your hair thoroughly. The refreshing scent also leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean. Lime Oil may also relieve itching caused by dandruff and oil build up.



Additional information

Citrus, Sweet

Country Of Origin


Extraction Method

Cold Press

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Lime Oil





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lime oil
Lime Essential Oil from Brazil / 15ml

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