White Noise Machine for Baby with 29 Sleep Sounds

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White Noise Machine for Baby with 29 Sleep Sounds

  • 2 IN 1 – The white noise machine combines Sleep Sounds and Night Light in one easy to use device. You can customize the sound, volume level, 30 60 90minutes timer or non-stop playing mode light color, light mode and brightness level.
  • SLEEP BETTER – The white noise machine features 15 natural sounds, 7 white noises and 7 fan sounds to create a personalized sleeping environment for your little one or you by masking disruptive noises (snoring, barking dogs, and loud neighbors)
  • NIGHT LIGHT – The noise machine offers an adjustable light intensity which is great for your nighttime nursing. Besides, as baby moves to big kid rooms, night light helps children feel secure. Option to stay on all night or just turn it off to stay pitch dark.
  • BATTERY POWERED – Portable and small design makes this white noise machine a perfect addition for baby nursery or road travel. The white noise machine is compact and easily fits in your bag or suitcase. It is easy to use anywhere as it can be powered by AC or any common 5V USB port.



29 Soothing Sounds

This White Noise Machine contains 29 sounds: 15 nature sounds, 7 white noise sounds and 7 fan sounds. All sounds are carefully selected for use, from infants to the elderly. You will find that there is always a sound that can help you and your family get better sleep. It also features special sounds for infants: shush, music box, fetal tone and lullaby for your baby to sleep means more sleep for the whole family.


Colorful Soft Night Light

This white noise machine provides you with 8 colors of night lights. You can freely switch the color and brightness of the night light, and set the breathing light mode and gradient light mode. The color temperature of the night light is very soft, will protecting the baby’s eyesight. When the baby is crying, the changeable colors will attract his attention and help the baby calm down.

Auto-Off Timer and Memory

Auto-off timer setting can choose continuous play or gradually enter sleep mode after 30min, 60min or 90min. After entering sleep mode, press any key to continue playing. Even more convenient is when you need it to work, the memory function will restore all the sound, night light settings from the last time you turned it off.


Rechargeable and Output Audio

This white noise machine has a built-in battery that you can charge it with many electronic devices. It can play for seven hours on a full charge, which is perfect when you’re traveling or working outside the home. The sound machine can output audio to any device with 3.5 mm, such as any wired headset, speaker. It will help you immerse yourself in your world while studying and working without disturbing others.

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White Noise Machine for Baby with 29 Sleep Sounds

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